Tuesday, July 24, 2012


All day I long I pray for wind. The wind is the only thing that helps cool my 90 degree house. At night, the wind does come, and on one hand, I'm super thankful. When I'm chilling waiting for those sweet sweet zzz's to come, I'm relatively cool. But it has a downside. 

Mainly, when the wind blows, the curtain attacks me. Like flaps around and takes over my entire bed. Sometimes it's nice but other times it blocks my face and my computer. I can't see, and I feel trapped by purple fabric. Not a great feeling. 

So the short answer is yes, I'll probably always be able to find something to complain about. 


  1. My trick is to tuck the purple curtain under the corner of the open window so at least one side won't blow out. Usually that's enough to keep things under control. And I usually only use the lacy curtains anyway, not the solid ones, since those don't really block out much light anyway.

  2. July was horrible wasn't it? Hopefully August will be kinder. I think I should get some kind of medal for hot flashes in the hottest month on record EVER. Oh, is that TMI? Sorry.