Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bad Decision Basket

So I've been busy. Not with work or something boring like that. No, I've been busy making Bad Decisions. As we get ready to move out of our apartment, I am constantly reminded what a Bad Decision renting this apartment was. I mean, it's great, and it all worked out. I have my health, blah blah blah. But it was still a Bad Decision. In this vein, I decided that Abby and I needed a Bad Decision Basket.

This is a basket in which we can place our Bad Decisions, have a Bad Decision Day at the end of the year, read our Bad Decisions, and decide if we still consider them Bad Decisions.

The basket actually resulted from a good decision. After a wonderful dinner, Abby and I were walking home when we passed a store that was selling eggs in baskets. It was the night before Easter but these things were not Easter-related. They were eggs being sold by the basket, non-Christianly and non-ironically. Abby told me to go ask how much a basket cost but I complained that I didn't know the Turkish word for basket. She told me ('sepet'), and I waltzed right in and asked the dude. He told me the eggs cost 3tl. I was like 'I don't want the eggs, just the basket' and he was like, 'they're free'. 

I was like, 'uhhh...Abby, why don't you come take a listen' (just to make sure I wasn't stealing his basket of eggs the night before Easter). She said the same thing, and he was like 'the eggs cost 3tl' and she was like 'we don't want the eggs, just the basket', and he told us the basket was free. 

So we got a free basket. A Bad Decision Basket. 


  1. The Bad Decision Basket has many names, among them: the Cornucopia of High Consequences, the Vessel of Very Bad Verdicts, the Container of Uncounseled Choices.

  2. So this post begs the question, why was the apartment a bad decision of high consequence based on a uncounseled verdict?

  3. The above post was from Stephen, BTW.

  4. It is a bad decision to answer questions posed by anonymous posters. I'd need a tub for my bad decision basket...

    1. I couldn't figure out how to not be anonymous.

  5. BTW, still no answer to my question.

  6. Oh, you girls and your commentators make me laugh and laugh. OK, so you should use your basket IN ADVANCE of the decision. Put the thing in there that's greater than your ability to change, worry about, etc. and just let GOD worry about it. It's a God basket. Or a Flying Spaghetti Monster basket for Abby. :-)