Thursday, April 12, 2012

End of Freshman Year

Tonight is my last night in my first apartment! It's so sad to leave but it's time to go. This apartment was just a tiny foray into big-girl apartments: I didn't really do it on my own. I couldn't have done it without a bit of financing from my mom and Grammy, and I definitely couldn't have done it without Abby.

Bright and early this morning we had a lady come clean everything in our house. We also got our curtains and rugs back. Tonight, Abby and I took another taksi load to her friend's house. Another productive day!

Last night when we were hauling things in, Abby was upstairs when this lady came out to see what was going on.  She asked me if we were moving in. I said no. She asked if we were moving out. I said no. Then she paused and stared at all the boxes. It took a lot of terrible explanations before Abby came down and saved me with a concisely worded explanation that was beautifully understood. Jealous.

One more picture. This is the tree outside my window that just started to bloom.

It's like the end of real life's freshman year.


  1. The big question is...were you guys able to get your whole deposit back??

  2. And what an apartment it was - Bebek and pretty furniture and all! Although I realize it came with all kinds of free landlord interaction lessons that weren't exactly delightful fun.