Friday, April 27, 2012

More Art.

I know it's been all art, art, art, blah, blah, blah BUT I have one more thing to share with you. And a superfun little story.

We've been waiting on the new tenant to move the utilities out of Niko's name but for several reasons, the waiting turned out to be rather inconvenient so Niko and I went to all these utilities' headquarters on Tuesday morning to do it ourselves. It involved running across Istanbul, Amazing Race-style, and at one point in the day we got on the Metro and rode it from like Point E to Point A, left the Metro then got back on and went from Point A to Point B, got off again and then went from Point B to Point C. My akbil was so tired.

But during one of our Metro stops, I saw this pretty thing.

It's backlit and more than one of the bulbs is out, but I can see the potential. I would also like to say that I tried to find some sort of cultural "meaning" or "significance" to the burned out bulbs - something about "post-post-modern society" but I got nothing. Sorry. I still like it though. 

And I would also like to say that the whole Metro back and forth thing was not our fault. Every place we went told us to go to the next place down the street. But it's done now! And we got our deposit back yesterday!!! Everything is looking up! We're having a house-warming party tonight and Sunday, and we'll officially be leaving Bebek behind us! 

More exclamation points!!!

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