Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ten Minutes Left For Twenty-Two

Tonight we had a birthday dinner for me! Tomorrow is my real birthday but we did dinner tonight for the hell of it. I don't have a lot of photo documentation for this evening but here's the story. 

First of all, Abby had me wear her fez. She bought it for her Dr. Who costume (apparently The Doctor wears a fez and thinks they're cool. She's a hardcore fan.). Anyway, she wanted to make sure we got plenty of use out of it so she made it the "Birthday Fez."

So I wore it all night. After much research we decided to go to this restaurant that was split into two. One side was casual and reasonably priced and the other was très fancy. Abby made reservations for the casual side, and when the restaurant called Abby to confirm there was a little miscommunication. They told her that there would be no room on the casual side because of a futbol match and we would have to sit on the très fancy side. Abby tried to make sure that we would get the casual prices but we are foreigners and get screwed over often. 

We were given appetizers without seeing a menu, and when they gave us the menu it was sooo très fancy that there were no prices listed. So we explained that we didn't want main courses, we wanted the bill. For appetizers and one drink each it was 300 lira. That's ridiculous.

So we left to get ice cream and passed this awesome Christmas tree.

Yes, those are disco balls. Really this picture is for my mother who loves shiny things. All in all, it was a great birthday dinner. The ice cream was awesome, we piled six people into a cab to come home, and Niko made an apple spice cake just for me! It was great.


  1. Dang, I missed the Niko cake! Thanks for including me! I had a blast. You looked terrific in your birthday fez.

  2. Happy birthday sweet Kati - it sounds like you are having quite an adventure!! Love Aunt Cheryl

  3. There was a gasp at the picture of the Christmas tree. There was a bigger gasp at reading, "Yes, those are disco balls." And then, I started bawling when you said this picture is for your mother... For Christmas, I wish this tree was in my dining room with a thousand multi-colored lights pointing at it; and you and all our family and all our friends were dancing barefooted to Ultimate Funk. Oh, what a Christmas that would be!