Monday, December 12, 2011

Nature's Gushers

Have you ever learned something that's so obvious you don't know how you didn't know it already? That's what it was like when I discovered that pomegranates grow on trees. The reason that I didn't know was mostly because I had never actually thought about it before. 

On Sunday morning I walked by this tree. I saw what I assumed were red ornaments hanging from it; lately I've seen some pretty half-assed Christmas decorations. But it was a pomegranate tree! I had honestly never thought about where pomegranate seeds come from until yesterday. 

They seemed to have been picked over by birds, which was pretty convenient for me. The seeds were the only way that I was able to identify that they were, in fact, pomegranates and not cheap Christmas ornaments. 

So yes. Pomegranates grow on trees. The trees are found from Southern Europe all the way across the Middle East to that great continent of Asia, and they produce winter fruit! I'm just saying that to remind myself that I properly identified a plant. Also, thanks to this post, I have learned how to spell pomegranate!


(My friend Katherine calls pomegranate seeds "nature's gushers," and they are one of her favorite frozen yogurt toppings.)

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