Saturday, December 17, 2011


On Thursday I'm flying to Dubai to spend Christmas with my roommate from Princeton, Amy, and her family. People expect gifts this time of the year so today I went to see what I could find for these awesome people who are sharing their home with me. I ended up at Paşabahçe; this store is very cool. It has lots of stuff for the kitchen downstairs but upstairs the place sells handmade Turkish things for home decorations. I'll take more pictures next time. 

I was downstairs in the regular kitchen section looking for Turkish coffee cups, and I found these very simple and classy cups. When I flipped them over...

Yes, they were made in the UAE. That's where Dubai is for those who aren't up on their geography. It seems silly for me to bring something "Turkish" to Amy's family when it really came from the country they are already in. Why can't I just buy them when I get there? Because they don't have Paşabahçe in Dubai - this is a Turkish store that sells Turkish things. 

So if I buy these cups, I'll be bringing them back to their true motherland. How nice of me. 

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