Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not Pictured: Two Games of Cluedo

I arrived yesterday morning, and I was immediately whisked out of Dubai to the smaller town of Al Ain. And we saw giraffes... the zoo. We saw white lions, flamingos, and a whole bunch of animals that I had never heard of or seen before. Like oryxes, gemsboks, and ibexes. Yes, they all sort of look the same. 

We also saw Jebel Hafeet, the tallest mountain in the UAE. Apparently, some of it is in Oman. On the right side of the photo, you can see some royal dude's palace overlooking his entire desert kingdom. 

Also on top of the mountain is the most inconvenient convenience store I think I've ever seen. 

Credit for that joke goes to Mr. Ridgeway, by the way. After we got back to Dubai, we took a short break and then headed back out. This time we went to Global Village! It's a kind of world's fair. There are dozens of countries who have their own sections filled with booths selling their country's goods. They also have fair rides like this ferris wheel!

Of course, they have a huge Turkish section full of the usual. We walked around for a while, and it was great to be able to listen in on conversations among vendors. Sneaky Turkish skillz. 

All told, I got bracelets from India, a ring from Zanzibar, dinner from China, and baklava from Turkey. I couldn't resist!

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  1. It's just kind of fun to say: Zanzibar. So can you step into Oman just to say you've been?