Thursday, December 22, 2011

IST, Here I Come

There's not much to say today. In a few short hours I will be heading to Dubai, where the highs are in the 70's. I pass by this Christmas tree everyday and thought I would add it to the collection of holiday pictures I've been posting. I think that it is technically a New Year tree, though. 

Most Turks that I have talked to don't really differentiate between Christmas and New Year. The holidays happen so close together, and of course they don't really celebrate the birth of Jesus, so they re-appropriated the Western Christmas decorations for New Year decorations. When I told Turkish friends I would be gone for Christmas, they assumed that I wouldn't be back until 2012. 

But I'll be in Istanbul for 2012. This city does a great job of decorating with lights, I wouldn't miss New Year's Eve in this city for anything.

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