Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Poor Man's Live-Blog

Tonight I was supposed to meet my roommates at Bodrum Mantı in Arnavutköy, which I've taken to abbreviating AVK because I'm cool like that. I decided to try a new route and walk straight from Etiler (near Akmerkez) to AVK without going back home to Bebek. The walk was long, and at some point I decided to "live-blog" it. Kind of, I mean I began audio recording my thoughts and the time at which they occurred. Here you go!

6:21 - I am walking down Arnavutköy Yolu. I don't actually know where this road leads but I'm hoping that Turkey has the same tradition that America has of naming the road after the place where it goes.

6:30 - I have been walking for nine minutes. I'm following the signs!

6:31 - We're in a very residential area; I'm glad I walked through here or else I wouldn't have known that all these houses are here. Abby and I are always trying to keep our eyes out for good places to live.  It's pretty windey, and it's getting steeper. 

 6:32 -  Ok, I can see the back of Akmerkez, which means I haven't gone very far. There's a cat. It's running away from me. I'm happy about that.

6:33 - The road is still curving. I have no idea where I'm going to come out in Arnavutköy. I've lost my mental map of where I am in relation to, well, everything. 

6:34 - Puppy! I haven't learned how to say, "Can I pet your puppy?" yet so I just go ahead and pet them and make the owners stand there and indulge me.

6:35 - I'm walking by a mosque, and it might be one that I usually see from the bottom of the hill. If so, I've regained my bearings. (Spoiler alert: It wasn't the mosque.)

6:36 - A bus stop! Man, I gotta figure out this bus. It would be perfect.

6:37 - Shortcutting my way through a park! (Spoiler alert: It wasn't a shortcut.)

6:38 - Approaching civilization! Wait, the signs say I'm still in Etiler. This might be a longer walk than I thought it would be. 

6:54 - I have arrived at my destination! Bodrum Mantı! Out of sheer exhaustion I forgot to take a picture. And the exhaustion wasn't from walking, it was instead from trying to simultaneously record my thoughts, take pictures, and deal with the crazy looks I got. I lead a very hard life. 

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