Sunday, October 30, 2011

Round Two

So I am apparently really bad at blogging. I feel like I have to carefully craft and compose posts, and I feel like they have to be long and funny and the most entertaining thing EVER. Well, I refuse to let myself be overwhelmed by a project that I don't have to do. But I want to do it so I'm making it easier for myself. Instead, I will post the iPhone (read: blurry) pictures of things that I find generally curious/amusing and then ramble about why I find them generally curious/amusing. The first:

So this is a picture of the Marmara Hotel in Taksim Square, the busiest square in all of Istanbul, their Piccadilly Times Circus Square. And this hotel is a nice, expensive hotel that has a huge gym that overlooks the hustle and bustle of the area. The people who stay here are probably business-types. They come to Istanbul for work, and instead of exploring the city (or even Taksim, a small but very important area), they spend their evenings in the gym. They go to work and then go to the gym, just like they would if they were at home. Except they're not at home. They're in Istanbul. And they are spending their time in this super artificial environment. I don't want this to ever be me.

If you're one of these business-types, please let me know. Am I judging too harshly?


  1. No, you're not judging too harshly! And this is a perfect reason to write a blog. To look back some day at what you believed then and see if you still are true to it or have moved on to new beliefs.

    By the way, that hotel used to have to most beautiful old world European lobby where you could sit and watch the parade of humanity in Taksim Square walk by. They just redid the whole thing and now it is all lucite and the view of the square is blocked by high back chairs and bad angles. It lost all of it's charm. So, those business people should get out of the hotel as you suggest and explore Istanbul!

  2. Let's go on a hunt for a new people-watching lobby in Istanbul!

  3. Pera Palace Hotel! No contest. Gorgeous European lobby often filled with exotic Saudi ladies texting away on their Blackberries.