Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pom Pom

I like to think of myself as a crafty person. I really don't consider myself a creative person, but I like the rote production of crafts. Plus, they look pretty. 

Tissue paper pom poms are nothing new but I've gotten pretty good at them. The paper that I use isn't exactly tissue paper, it's close to crepe paper but I think the stiffer material keeps the petals from falling as quickly. I made some for my house!

Look how pretty! There's this awkward space on my bedroom ceiling (I moved, by the way). It's like once the room ended at this arch (that's not very obvious in the photo below) but then someone extended the room. I hung up a nice row of pom poms here. 

The red pompoms are actually more orange so it's not really an America-fest up there. Strangely, they all began falling down last week. One a night. And it scared me a lot because I sleep under them, and they would just lightly "puff" when they hit the bed and wake me up. My ceiling is made of something stronger than staples, so I guess my gentle scotch tape wasn't really made for the long haul. I need to find another method of securing things...

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