Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Can't...I Just...Wow

Oh snap! Chris brought these bad boys home last night. They're called "gold bags", and I can't...I just...wow.

The outside is kind of like chocolate phyllo, really thin but also a little chewy. I don't know what exactly it is. The inside has thick pudding/custard stuff. And there are chocolate chips involved.

He bought two last night and let me have one. And I was like, "I can't...I just...wow". Tonight, I went to the same restaurant, and they still had them! So I bought 4. The goal was to bring one for him, one for Abby and two for me! But then Abby wasn't home sooo that meant 3 for me, right? But wait.

As soon as Chris came home, I saw he had also been back to the restaurant. He bought 3, intending to give me one. So between the two of us, in two days, we basically bought this restaurant out of these babies. I wonder what they think of us. 

I ate all four of mine already. Sorry I'm not sorry. 


  1. omg. This is just more proof that I'm going to have to visit Turkey, if for no other reason than the foods featured in this blog.

  2. Seriously. I feel like all the blog features is awesome food.