Monday, March 5, 2012

Delivered Eggs

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how we borrowed an egg from Egg and Burger for our cookie dough. We didn't go last week nor did we make cookie dough so we're definitely overdue for both. Tonight, Abby and I decided to make cookie dough. She's been working really hard on a translation, and I've been surprisingly successful at doing nothing all day, so we decided we earned ourselves a treat.

We got halfway through the recipe when we realized that we didn't have eggs again! So frustrating! It was 11pm and neither of us wanted to wander out into the world and see if anything was open. So Abby made some phone calls to some shops in Bebek that specialize in foreign foods. She found one that was open and ordered a carton of eggs - for delivery. How awesome is that??

While she was on the phone I had her inquire about Fruit Loops - I just had a hankering. They had them! But they cost 25tl. *Low whistle* I didn't buy them, obviously. 

Anyway, Turkey comes through in the egg department once again. If you count these two stories with the YouMurta/yumurta pun, I think you'll see that it's been an eggcellent two weeks! 

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