Friday, March 2, 2012

Extreme Makeover

So we are moving out at the end of this month. I think. I hope. Our contract says we stay until the end of May but we're ready to go and our landlord is ready for us to go. 

So yeah, the plan for us and our landlord is to spend March lining up a new tenant, and the realtor is coming tomorrow morning to show our apartment for the first time! Chris, Abby, and I spent an hour or two rearranging our furniture back to how it was when we first moved in. And look at what a big difference it makes!


Those are before and after photos of our dining room, which was once the room where Niko lived. We moved the bed and the wardrobe back to Chris' room. 


This is our living room. It's really long, and the space is awkward to fill up, especially because it's hard to make the furniture face each other but not block the view of the television. 


This is a view of the room from the television when we took the table out and moved the couch further back. If we move the couch all the way against the wall, it's like a quarter of a mile to the tv. So we left about 2 or 3 feet from the wall to the couch. 

Ehh? What do you think? I'm excited to see it in the morning when all the light comes streaming in those windows. Did I mention that our apartment has almost solid windows for three of the walls? I will miss that about this apartment. 

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