Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ten Minutes of Group Cleaning

Tonight we instituted Ten Minutes of Group Cleaning. It was surprisingly effective.

In ten minutes, Abby tackled the bathroom, Chris hit the kitchen, and I worked to straighten up our tornado-hit living room. We made some definite progress towards whipping this place into shape.

I have a plan to make everyone do exactly Ten Minutes of Group Cleaning a day. After we get past the initial straightening up, which I estimate will take a couple days, I think we'll move into serious stuff like dusting and vacuuming. Woah.

I really think this is going to catch on. The important part is sticking to it: cleaning regularly for ten minutes as a group. For example, Abby got started on cleaning our tub and wanted to continue after the ten minutes were up. But I wouldn't let her because if I don't want her to have negative associations with Ten Minutes of Group Cleaning. See, if I call it Ten Minutes of Group Cleaning but it takes her 20 minutes, she will resent the cleaning and then me and then it all falls apart. I mean, I would assume. I don't have any science to back it up, but I know I would be pissed if Ten Minutes of Group Cleaning lied. Also, I would hate feeling like I had to start and finish a cleaning project every day. But we don't have to do a whole project, just ten minutes!

I think the Group Part is necessary because it sucks less if everyone is cleaning something at the same time, and it keeps us honest and equal.

In sum, cleaning is the worst but I miiiight have found a way for it to be slightly less painful and threfore done more often. So tonight's Ten Minutes of Group Cleaning = success. Also, pomegranates!

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  1. Two things that befuddle me: cleaning and pomegranates.