Sunday, February 19, 2012


Every time I write about a Turkish food, I get hungry. I swear, this country has the best cuisine that I've ever had. Sure, I love burgers and Mexican and sushi but as far as diversity goes, Turkey has us all beat. The meat dishes, the vegetarian ones, and the desserts are so different. I haven't gotten bored yet. And yeah, the cuisine is shared all across this region so there are definitely arguments about who "invented" these dishes, but I credit Turkey. They win. 

This is künefe. It's a dessert filled with cheese. In this picture, it has a side of ice cream. Yes. 

There isn't a lot of cheese used in Turkish food, and I sorely miss it. The one Turkish thing that has an abundance of cheese is a dessert. Dessert and cheese is a pretty strange concept for me. 

The layers surrounding the cheese are small, strips of pastry that have been baked to a crisp. Then they drizzle syrup over it and serve it warm. The cheese is cheesy, the pastry is both soft and crunchy, and the honey is oh so sweet. 

This stuff is amazing. Get on it. 


  1. OMG I want some in my mouth so bad right now. right. now.

    1. I found a restaurant in Culver City that looks like it has a variation of it. You should call ahead though and make sure there's cheese involved. Sofra Kebab Express. Yup.