Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friendship Bracelets

Today is Valentine's Day! In honor of the Day of Love, I made Abby and me friendship bracelets!! And they were free! And I got to be crafty!

I took the tags from shirts that we bought at Mavi a few weeks ago. They each had a blue cord and a small silver bead. I untied the string, watched this YouTube video on how to make an adjustable strap, and voila!

Yeah, so there are two knots which means there will be no tying and retying. I have another bracelet that I paid waaayyyy tooo much money for but it almost exactly this bracelet, just 4 gold beads instead of 1 silver bead. 

Now I want to buy more shirts from Mavi just so I can make a bracelet for free!

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