Saturday, February 11, 2012

Egg and Burger

I found my people's food! It's called Egg & Burger, and it's a legit diner!!

Abby and I went here for lunch today. She's constantly on the quest for a great milkshake (the Turks tend to forget the ice cream), and I'm constantly searching for a good burger. We found both! And the place is very American. I ordered a Coke to be traditional. 

When we finished our meal, the owner started chatting us up. He kept referring to it as "your people's food," and wanted to know how we liked it. I must say, I am pretty excited about this place. In addition to the burgers, the menu includes jalapeno poppers, chicken fingers, and hot dogs. They also have a Texas Burger which consists of 4 slices of bread, 4 slices of cheese, burger, caramelized onions, and special sauce.

I got a Blue Cheeseburger because the Texas Burger was honestly too pricey for this girl. But the burgers were surprisingly well done. I'll definitely be back, if only to get my hands on some of those poppers. Maybe I'll find out why they added that Egg to the title.


  1. Did all the snow melt or is that hill you walk up to work so high it is in another climate zone?

  2. Let me know next time you go! I'd love to come with :]