Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I know, I know. I shouldn't have petted him. But he was so cute, I couldn't help it. Lance followed Chris and me home and is currently sleeping on our stoop. He's a little camera-shy, and by that, I mean he's a little camera-oblivious.

The stray dogs here are very friendly but if you show them any amount of attention, they will stick to you like glue. A month or so ago, I was walking home after a bit of rain and stepped on a loose tile. It shot water out from under it (Kate calls it 'tile squirt') and disturbed a sleeping dog. I felt really bad because these poor dogs have already been through enough without foreigners shooting tile water at them while they're asleep.

I apologized and tried to convey that it was an accident. Well then it followed me, and as I was waiting at a crosswalk, it came and put its head right under my hand. I had no choice but to pet it. It was just so darn sweet.

The same thing happened tonight. This poor pup was right within arms reach and its head was just the right height for a good behind-the-ear scratch. Then he followed us all the way home, right up to our door.

This has happened before with another dog; the dog followed us home then waited outside the door until someone else walked down the street, inadvertently giving him someone to follow. Lance didn't wander off after we closed the door. Oh no, he curled up and went to sleep right there.

Awwww...poor Lance. I know we can't let him inside, and I know we shouldn't feed him. But look at him...

What would you do?

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