Monday, February 20, 2012

Negative Twenty Years

I like cemeteries, the bigger the better. I think they're peaceful. Quiet and beautiful, I am confronted with the end of scores of lives. That small reminder reassures me - if they can die, so can I. 

Moving to something a little less serious, let's take a look at this headstone. On it, two problems face us. Both of them are date-related. Notice Nefize Buduncar's birth and death years:

Born: 1315, died: 1980. Now how does that work? Well, the Turks switched their calendars from the Islamic (I think) to the Gregorian at some point. She was born before the switch and died after. It would have been cool if she had lived for 600 years though.

There is a second problem: Mümüne Bekleyici. She lived -20 years. How is that possible? First one to come up with the explanation wins a prize. 

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