Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Abby, Grace, and I went back to Egg and Burger tonight. Tonight I tried their jalapeno poppers, and they were really good. We were the only ones there again (sad), and the staff was watching tv on mute. As we finished our food, they unmuted it for a super dramatic moment in a super famous Turkish tv show, and we joined them in watching on the restaurant's big screen. 

I have these grand ideas of coming in every Wednesday night and watching this show while drinking milkshakes. A little American, a little Turkish. Sound nice, huh? Really, I just want to be a regular somewhere - I want to go where everyone knows my name.

On our way out, we asked the people at Egg and Burger if they had an egg that we could take with us. Abby and I were planning to make cookie dough but we were one egg short, and we didn't think we could find a place that would sell eggs at that hour. So we asked, and they gave us one! We're halfway to being regulars! I managed to walk the mile home without breaking it. And I resisted the urge to throw it up really high in the air to see if I could catch it. That's the definition of maturity right there. 

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