Monday, February 13, 2012


Today we went ice skating! A few weeks ago someone asked me about ice skating in Istanbul, and I was like, "uhhh...I've never heard of it..." but it exists! And I did it! Today!

Surprisingly, I was a champ on the ice. Unlike Abby, who WTFO, I didn't fall once! The place was really far away in Zeytinburnu but it was so cheap - 13tl ($7)! There was a 40-minute time limit, which was perfect for me. When I ice skate, after awhile I usually get bored, then my ankles start hurting, then I get whiny, blah blah blah. So being able to say "oh look the man is making us leave now!" lets me off the hook.

And here is Atatürk, watching over me and all the 8 year old girls doing their triple lutzes. Yes, avoiding these jumping, spinning, twirling girls was difficult, and they made me feel pretty bad about my skating abilities but watching the 20 year old guy who couldn't stop clutching the wall made me feel a lot better.

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