Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

Grace, Abby, and I went to see The Hunger Games tonight! First, we were super excited that the movie opened here today; I thought it would have some sort of delayed international release. I was supposed to work until 9pm, so we planned to see it tomorrow but then I didn't work until 9pm, so we went tonight instead! We went to Egg and Burger first to start the American evening off right and then walked to the theater. 

We didn't think that many Turks would be interested in The Hunger Games; only a few people that I've talked to have even heard of the books, and they just started advertising the movie last week. We didn't bother to reserve our seats ahead of time (sidenote: when you buy movie tickets in Turkey, you buy an assigned seat). We were right - not that many people were at the movie. What we didn't realize is that the theater would be tiiiiiiny.

Seriously, guys, there were 9 rows. NINE. Each row had 8-9 seats. I was so surprised. We ended up sitting separately - it was the only way to avoid sitting in the front row. I'm just picturing the jammed-packed mega-theaters in America that hold hundreds and hundreds of people (I'm imagining each row holds 20 people and then there are at least 25 rows) and wondering which of these two extremes is more ridiculous.

Also, Abby's row was full of tween boys. Awwww. So the movie: very true to the book but a little too fast, especially the cave stuff. I did not pick up on any chemistry between those two. And then it ended. But I like the characters, especially Katniss. I liked watching her think. She thought well. And Effie and Haymitch were perfect. Overall, I'm satisfied with the movie and very happy with the night. 

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