Monday, March 26, 2012

House Hunters

We've been looking for a new apartment, and like many house hunts, this one comes with an emlakçı (real estate agent). Our emlakçı comes with a lot of books and this scary thing:

Today felt a lot like House Hunters International. We looked at three apartments. Here we go:

1) A furnished apartment. 1250tl a month. Two balconies, one of which is huge. It's bigger than the living room. The kitchen, however, is tiny. To give you an idea of the size discrepancy: the refrigerator is on the huge balcony. Also the sink/toilet is in a different room than the shower. Awkward.

2) An unfurnished apartment. 1100tl a month. This one was small and kind of gross. The layout was awkward. I honestly don't remember much about this place other than the stairs smelled like cat. Yuck.

3) An unfurnished apartment. 1400tl a month. So much sunlight! A huge living room (that faced a super busy street)! No balcony, and the people who moved out seem to have taken the light fixtures...

We're going to see another emlakçı tomorrow in a different neighborhood but so far, these are our options.  

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