Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bad Customer Service Unites Us All

This is unofficial transcript of an encounter I had at Clinique while trying to buy new foundation. It took place entirely in Turkish.

Katy: Hi. I have this *shows her old foundation*. It's too light. I need a new one but darker.
Woman: What number is that?
Katy: One. But it's too light. Maybe a two or three?
Woman: We don't have anything that light.
Katy: What do you have?
Woman: We don't have anything for you!
Katy: Ok, when will you have it?
Woman: A month or two. I don't know.
Katy: Are there other Cliniques?
Woman: Yes.
Katy: Where?

(The woman begins listing every mall in Istanbul. I cut her off after the first three.)

Katy: Do they have light colors?
Woman: I don't know. Maybe.

Moral of the story: I now know enough Turkish to get bad customer service! It's almost like being back in America...

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