Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kuzey Güney

Everyone says that watching tv in Turkish is a great way to learn the language so I started watching a show called Kuzey Güney, and oh man, it is good. I'm learning so much more than Turkish. 

It's got moments of loooove like this:

Moments of shocking revelations like this:

And it's got moments of "oh baby" like this:

The guy in the first and third picture is Kıvanç. He's like Turkish tv royalty. He's great looking and a surprisingly good actor. Here's the premise of the show: there are two brothers, Kuzey ("north") and Güney ("south"), and 3 years ago some crazy stuff went down. First, the girl in the first picture chose Güney, the guy in the second picture. On the surface, he's cute and charming while Kuzey (first and third picture) was a big, immature doofus. 

Then, one fateful night 3 years ago, Güney accidentally hit and killed a pedestrian. He had a bright future at university while Kuzey was a bit of a disaster, so their mother asked Kuzey to take the fall. And he did. The show starts 3 years later when Kuzey gets out of prison. 

There's a lot of brother-tension and feelings of resentment, jealousy, and guilt, but there's also the loooove triangle. It turns out that Güney is the jerk and Kuzey has been rejected by everyone close to him and just needs somebody to love him. 

Sigh. I'm a sucker for a tortured soul and washboard abs. 


  1. I recently started watching these turkish tv shows myself and i hear ya! well written and totally addictive and kivanc is a hottie! I will be travelling to turkey later this year so will look around your website for tips and such! :)

    1. i ve been to rukey last year just to meet the hottie but couldn't find him there :(

  2. Thanks! Istanbul is a great city, you'll really enjoy it!