Sunday, November 20, 2011

More On The Huge Hill

I wanted to give those not familiar with The Hill a visual to illustrate how high this thing goes. I live at the bottom, not that high above the water, but a five minute walk inland. Today, I documented my walk up the hill and photographed my resting points. We'll begin at my first resting point, a four minute walk from my house.

This is the view! Isn't it nice? The weather is ugly but it's okay because on hot days, I have already melted by this point. The next leg is shorter but it still takes me four minutes because it's so steep. This is the view at that resting point. 

We're about two levels of houses above my own. Meaning, you can't even see the roofs of the houses that are at our height on The Hill. The next leg takes anywhere from 5-7 minutes - it's longer but not as steep. 

Usually the weather is different at the top of The Hill. If it's raining at the bottom, it won't be raining at the top. We can now see the sun peaking from behind those hills on the other side! It's a nasty 15 minutes but the view, and the weather, is better from way, way up here. 

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