Wednesday, May 16, 2012


All these pictures are fuzzy, sorry. I've been strangely shaky all day so I'm going to blame that. Abby and I cooked a crazy awesome meal tonight. We cooked garlic cream chicken and pasta, and it only took us two hours and two trips to the grocery store! 

Our kitchen is a disaster. I really don't want to clean up so I'm waiting Abby out. First one to sleep has to start the kitchen cleaning.

Anyway, well-cooked chicken with pasta, cream sauce, and fresh tomatoes. Can't complain! Except about the messy kitchen. I'll continue to complain about that. 


  1. I personally like the glass of wine.

  2. Do tell. I would probably be more willing to clean if I could do it in my sleep.

  3. P.S. Please cook this for me when you come home! It looks delicious!