Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Merhaba! Boy is it cold here. There's snow much snow!!

Last night, Kate and I went for a walk after dinner. The snow was lightly falling, and the park along the Bosphorus was lovely. Then Kate noticed that, down the Bosphorus, the sky looked "blurry". It was about, oh, a minute later that we were hit with a wall of snow/ice. 

It was pretty miserable, and neither of us was really dressed for a snowstorm. So we began to make our way back home. We passed a group of men having a snowball fight, and they were chivalrous enough to pause while we passed. I cut a corner and ended up on a patch of ice. 

I did that thing that people in cartoons do - it was like my legs were just running in place. I wasn't falling but I wasn't balanced either, and my feet were definitely moving. This man hurried towards me to save me from busting my butt and in a frenzied voice was saying "Aman!Aman!Aman!Aman!Aman!Aman!Aman!Aman!", which is the Turkish equivalent of "Ohmigod!Ohmigod!Ohmigod!Ohmigod!".

He steadied me and let go, but when I lifted my foot to move forward, I started do the Scooby-Doo in-place running thing again. The response to which was again "Aman!Aman!Aman!Aman!Aman!Aman!" 

He rescued me again and guided me back to the safety of the sidewalk, and Kate and I made it home without further incident. Why do my shortcuts never work out?

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  1. Currently, the top three laugh out loud stories are this one, Spoon Noir, and the one where your hair was stuck in the train door. There are many honorable mentions.