Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cold Water

Oh man. This morning was a great morning. We had new water delivered, and in the winter, the water they deliver is ice cold, baby. Just look at that sweet, sweet condensation. 

No one drinks the tap water in Istanbul. I've heard various reasons as to why but I haven't really found the one, true answer. Everyone just drinks bottled water. We get them in huge bottles and attach a pump to the top. Two of these huge bottles last the four of us about 3 days. I blame Chris; he consumes a lot of water.  
I'm assuming these bottles are stored outside before they are delivered to us because they are definitely not this cold in the summer months.

Abby likes cold water so she bought this funky ice cube tray in August. She stopped using the ice cube tray a month or two ago, though. I thought it might be a sign of depression but actually she thinks the water is cold enough on its own. Whew...

But yeah, the water came this morning, and it was soooo cold.

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  1. Abby always did love a funky ice cube tray. At home we have about a dozen from IKEA, including stars, plus signs, etc. We never use them.

    I also find it interesting that many Turkish people seem to be wary of using plastic cups in the bathroom (to brush your teeth, for example) for unspecified health reasons but are totally fine with their bottled water being stored in plastic.