Saturday, January 21, 2012

Switch Up!

My nickname was Katy from the ages of 0-13, when, in a moment of 8th grade rebellion, I changed the spelling to Kati. Today I decided to change it back. Kati is very cool and funky but Katy is very cute and playful. I'm switching it up and seeing what happens!

I can always change it back if I decide that it doesn't quite fit me. My mom is very flexible with names and my full/real name is still intact so it's not that huge of a deal. Changing all my online usernames is another story...

Let me know what you think. What does Katy say to you?


  1. Now I get to nickname you Katydid :)

  2. I FOUND IT!!
    I was catching up on my Katy reading (i've neglected your blog for a while now.. reading here and there - but was roped in to reading allllll of them this morning).
    And I found the post where you change to Katy again! <3