Saturday, January 14, 2012


Oh my gosh! There was snow today! It was very similar to a Texas snow: huge, wet flakes that stick to nothing. It was a good distraction though. Definitely more exciting than the hour or so that all of the electricity was out in the city. 

This past week has been, on the whole, rather dull. The weather was cold and wet, and I would have rather stayed in bed. BUT I do have a good story. On Tuesday, I had a friend request accepted. Awesome, except I didn't know who the guy was that accepted my friend request, and according to Facebook, I was the one who initiated the contact. A mystery! 

I politely asked how we knew each other, but he didn't have an answer either. We had one mutual friend, and we were both in Istanbul. So we decided to meet up to solve the mystery! I brought Abby, you know, just in case.

Last night we went over all the possible ways that we could have met, to no avail. It turns out that my request had been pending since 2009, so we definitely didn't meet in Istanbul, but it also doesn't seem like our paths ever crossed anywhere in time. And he's not a ZOOM! kid. My last thought is that maybe we had another mutual friend that isn't an official friend anymore or maybe has deleted their Facebook. I just don't know. 

He's a cool guy, and I'm certainly glad to have met him, but the mystery remains. 

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  1. Snow Day and a Mystery? Did you feel like your life was complete at that moment?