Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bodrum Mantı

Our apartment has two different restaurants that we go to when we want to bond. Or are just hungry. One is at the top of The Hill and the other is in AVK. The one in Arnavutköy is Bodrum Mantı!

Bodrum is a town along the coast of Turkey, and apparently they make good mantı (mahnt-uh) there. What is mantı? It's a tiny meat dumpling that is usually boiled. It is topped with a yogurt and garlic sauce. 


On the left is the traditional, boiled mantı, and on the right is feriye mantı. Feriye mantı is fried instead of boiled. Both are amazing. It really just depends on what you're feeling. Abby says that she really likes the crunch of the feriye mantı while I like the squishiness of the boiled. 

The great thing about Bodrum Mantı is they give you half the meal for free. Ok, yes, you overpay for the drinks but as long you're getting something "free", it's worth it, right?

After the mantı they serve a quarter of a waffle with ice cream and raspberry sauce. It's so good. And even though it's tiny, it's quite satisfying. They also have Turkish coffee and tea for the excellent price of free. When the roommates go to bond, we eat, talk, and then linger over our Turkish coffee and practice telling each other's fortunes. It's so crazy but we always see a return trip to Bodrum Mantı in our futures. 

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  1. I've been saying it wrong... surprise... surprise :)