Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bill the Akbil?

Today I realized that I haven't written about one of the few things that I have with me everyday at all times. I go through a checklist whenever I walk out of the house or leave a restaurant or get off a bus or, really, move from one location to another. It goes "cell phone, other cell phone, wallet, keys - ok let's go."

And on my keychain is my Akbil!

This little green guy is my buddy. In fact, I based the entire color scheme of my keychain on him. I got him from my friend Stephen, who I went to Izmir and Bodrum with when I first arrived in Turkey. I think I still owe him 10tl for it, too. I'll get it to you, Stephen, I promise.

The akbil is used to pay for public transportation in Istanbul. One akbil press costs me 1.75tl but a transfer press costs 1tl. All travelers must pay with an akbil; the buses don't take cash.

Yeah, so I hopped on the bus today, and this girl asked me if she could use my akbil. So I double pressed, and she gave me 2tl. I was up 25 kuruş! Then, about halfway through the bus ride, this other girl asked if anyone would lend her their akbil. Everyone was avoiding eye contact and ignoring her, so I stepped up. She, too, gave me 2tl, and because enough time had passed between the first presses and this one, it counted as a transfer and was cheaper! So then I was up 1.25tl. I actually made money from being a nice person!!!


  1. This could become a 2nd job for you and a way to supplement your teaching income.