Monday, January 30, 2012

What? How?

My street is really narrow. There are always cars parked on both sides, leaving enough room for one way traffic. The next street over, however, is even more narrow. That street is only two cars wide. 

And the cars park there. I'm not entirely sure how it works when the cars in the middle want to leave, but it seems to work out. These are photos that I took from the same place between two parked cars. I mean, how does the blue car get out?

How do these white cars get out? Maybe there is some sort of hierarchy - like, the silver Honda leaves every morning at 8am so it gets parked on the outside? Maybe there is some sort of honking or warning that happens when a car needs to leave? Maybe this street's neighbors are really close and everyone has everyone's phone numbers and knows whose cars are whose? 

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this kind of parking works? Does anyone have any thoughts as to why Americans could never, ever park like this? My thought is that Americans are always in a hurry, and often kind of angry, so it's a bad idea to put them in a position where their car might get blocked in. 

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  1. No, but like seriously, that is the first thing I thought when I saw the first picture before you talked about it. How in the world do they park there? I don't understand.