Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sad Bed

My bed is a sad bed. First, it is just a thin sheet of cardboard on top of a metal frame with two cross bars. Second, the mattress is a very thin, foam sheet. These two things combine to form the worst bed ever invented. Just between us though, I like the way it opens to reveal secret storage space. 

Okay, yeah, on the second day of moving into our apartment I was standing on the bed to kill a bug on the ceiling. I jumped a little and the bed broke. I decided that it sucked but I could sleep on the other two-thirds until I had enough money to fix it. 

This is definitely not a fix befitting an adult, but oh well. So yeah, I just curled up on two-thirds of the bed. But that put a lot of pressure on the one bar that was holding me up. 

So over the past 5 months, my legs and torso have been sagging. I've been sort of bent in half at the hip when I sleep. Sad, I know. 

Yesterday, I was sitting on the very edge of the bed, trying not to put an weight on the unsupported cardboard, and it broke. So we called the bed people to finally come fix it. They are coming tomorrow, and Lord knows how much it will cost to repair, but maybe they can give me a real bed. This not a real bed. 

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  1. You should blame that mess on Santa: The Bed Intruder...