Thursday, January 12, 2012


Today I went pants shopping, which is not easy in Turkey. Turkish women are made differently, and my hips just do not get along with their clothes. It turned out though that pants shopping is a whole lot easier than shoe shopping. 

These were bright red pants that I tried on in a moment of insanity. The color was less offensive than the surprise capri cut though. Had they been full-length pants I might have bought them. My goal for 2012 is to be more adventurous in the clothes department. 

A few months ago I went shoe shopping for some brown flats. It was a spectacular failure. I went to store after store, and at almost every single one, their largest pair was too small for my feet. I wear an 8.5-9 in American sizes. That's not huge; I would say it's on the large side of average. But apparently Turkish women have daintier feet than I do because no store had shoes that would fit me. It was crazy. I felt like an outcast giant. So I cheated and made my mom buy me some American shoes. 

Buying clothes here is hard but it's still part of the adventure of living here. I'm going to try to live in Turkey with what's available to me here, not live a life that's recreating America. 

To new pants!

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