Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today I will show you a magical Turkish food that America should immediately adopt. It's called lahmacun (lah-mah-june). On menus it is often translated as "Turkish pizza" but it is so much more. First of all, it's cheap. One lahmacun costs 2tl ($1). I usually eat two, bringing the cost of my meal to 4tl. Yes. When we order-in, this is how it comes:

Folded in half, it's a thin piece of dough, or the "crust" of the "pizza". But when we open it,

Ok, it looks exactly like a really thin pizza. There's a tiny bit of sauce but mostly it's a mixture of meat and finely diced peppers baked on top. But here comes the magic.

Oh yeah. Put some tomato slices, lettuce, and some parsley in the middle. Squeeze a little lemon on top, and wrap it up like a burrito!

And then you eat your face off. It's a pizza wrap but with actual fresh vegetables. And no cheese. It's tastier and healthier. One of the many reasons I love this country. The waffles are on the list, too.

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